Sell your home (Step 1)

It’s time to move, and yet you have this home. This home that you have loved and lived in, worked on and out of, this place that has built your memories for the last few years. In order to move to your new destination, be it the other side of town or the other side of the world, you will need to figure out what to do with your home. Rent or sell? Well, since you really don’t have the innate desire to become a land lord and the Augusta market is doing amazing things right now, you have decided to capitalize on that growth and sell.


Well, now you call a realtor. Honestly, I know this is what you expect me to say, but hear me out. You need to figure out your time line. This is the real step one. You will need to discover what needs done to your home to make it marketable, you will need to know what the average days on the market for your subdivsion is, and what does your competition look like? A realtor (preferable me) can do all this and more for you. I can let you know what repairs MUST be done and what upgrades you will just be wasting your money on at this point. Knowledge is power and all this knowledge will let you know exactly when to put your house on the market. Those first 2 weeks are critical, this is the time when your house is at the top of the list and sees the most action.

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