Melton & Associates of Augusta, GA. is one of Georgia’s Top Real Estate Teams

It’s official! The Melton & Associates real estate team of Augusta, GA has been recognized by Real Trends, a leading source for news & information about the residential service to the residential industry since 1987,  as one of the top 100 real estate teams by sides in a transaction in all of Georgia and part of REAL Trends The Thousand Real Estate Professionals featured in The Wall Street Journal. Designees in this list are recognized as the top one half of one percent of more than 1,100,000 licensed REALTORS® nationwide!

With an incredible 97.75 total of tracked transaction for the 2014 year, Melton & Associates have been ranked at #64 of the top 100 real estate teams in all of Georgia, which as of 2014 had a total of 25,890 licensed Realtors® (Not including the number of real estate agents that are not REALTORS®. That’s right, there’s a difference – Why You Should Use A REALTOR®)! To rank so highly from Augusta, Ga. in the shadow of the high density cities of Savannah and Atlanta is a truly impressive feat – one that can only be achieved by providing high caliber service to our clients, earning their repeat business and referral to family friends.

This achievement could not have been made without our amazing clients, who have quickly become friends during the process, and the incredible team members that make Melton & Associates a possibility. Ever diligent in providing top tier service, our team members make goals like being one of the top 100 real estate teams in Georgia a reality! I want to extend a huge thank you to our current and past team members for making this possible!

Thank you Gary Melton, PJ Furno, Kathy & Claudio Carrasco, Viva Aldrich, Josh Dearolph, Jessica Street, Gary Powell, and Kasie Willis! You guys are great!

We’re greatly looking forward to topping this achievement in the upcoming year, and we’re definitely on par to be one of Georgia’s top real estate teams once again this year!


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