Technology In Selling And Buying A Home – 3D Showcases

Times change and technology improves. Wouldn’t you want your Realtor® using the latest technology to help in the selling of your home? Sherri Melton and her team at Melton & Associates offer exactly that – The latest in technology in the Real Estate field.

Technology advancement consistently revolutionizes industries across the world. One such industry is the highly competitive Real Estate field, which has come a long way in the past 10-15 years. Those who purchased a home in the 90’s and possibly even early 2000’s (as some brokerages are slow to adapt to new technology) probably recall sitting down with their Realtor® to look through a large binder of printed or even hand written listing pages for the homes on the market. Over the past 10 years though, technology has changed this practice with the introduction of websites with full MLS searches of all homes for sale and home search mobile apps for your smart phone and tablet. This shift in technology has changed the role of Realtors® slightly, as the home buyer can now search for homes themselves online and use their Realtor® for getting them into the home they’ve found online & protect their best interest throughout the filling out of contracts for a home purchase.

This current role for Realtors® has remained unchanged for nearly a decade, but it is about to shift once again. In today’s world, time is an extremely valuable resource. If you’ve purchased a home in the past, try and recall how many homes for sale you have visited that immediately after stepping foot in the house you knew it wasn’t the right house for you. The photos seen online lead to a formation of what you thought the home would look like, only to be terribly mistaken. This resulted in a waste of time for yourself, your Realtor®, and the home seller who had to vacate the house for the showing. However wasteful this process may be, as far as time is concerned, it has been a required part of it… until now!

3D imaging & virtual reality technology are slowly changing the industry for the better as more and more Realtors® grasp the advantages of these advancements. Melton & Associates are constantly staying up to date with new technology, and are merely the first to adopt this new method of online real estate viewing. Our 3D showcases allow potential home buyers to virtually walk through any of our listings from anywhere in the world, and best of all, no appointments needed! Take a look below at one of our most recent tours:

This new 3D imaging technology allows a potential buyer to fully explore a home from their PC, tablet, or phone in a to scale model, rendered with actual images taken from the house! You may ask how this is different from current 360 degree panoramas or drone fly-through videos of a property. The difference is the perspective and “feel” that a home buyer and seller craves. Our 3D showcases create an emotional connection with the home and bring it to life!


The implications of this technology is invaluable as far as time concerned. A home can be previewed at any hour of the day, on the buyer’s schedule. This also eliminates misleading photos of a home, such as a small room being photographed with a fish eye lens to appear larger. Our 3D showcases are made to scale, and give the viewer the freedom to walk around a house and view from any angle with full 360 degree capabilities. Our showcases also provide a dollhouse cutaway view of the entire home, as well as a top down floor plan view! The ability to not only preview a home but also explore every inch of it without setting foot into it is increasingly valuable as more and more job relocation programs & military PCS force buyers to rush a home purchase with minimal time to visit every home. As a home seller, would you want your home to be glanced over with hundreds of others as the buyer looks through pictures or would you rather give the buyers from across the world the opportunity to walk through your home at any hour of the day and truly see everything it has to offer?

That’s not where this technology stops though. 2016 will catch many off guard with the introduction of virtual reality headsets to the masses, and our tours can be converted to Virtual Reality Tours. With companies likes Samsung & Occulus already providing high quality Virtual Reality headsets for mobile devices and other companies like Google providing affordable alternatives to the masses with their Google Carboard virtual reality headsets, virtual reality will soon be a part of many households. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at this article about major sporting events streaming live events in virtual reality at the end of last year! Imagine watching a NBA game from the sideline or visiting art galleries & museums around the world from the comfort of your home when a physical visit simply isn’t practical. Now, imagine searching for a home to purchase in a city that is thousands of miles away from where you currently live with relative ease as you slide on a VR headset and walk through every home on the market in that area! This technology already exists and is being used today!


As it was with websites and mobile apps entering the real estate market and  changing the game over time, 3D Virtual Home Tours will do the same. Tech savvy real estate teams across the nation are acting as pioneers for this technology, just as Melton & Associates are doing in the Augusta Georgia area, to bring the very best and latest in technology to their valued clients!