Feng Shui In Your Home

Practicing Feng Shui in your home is a great way to improve the flow of Chi throughout your home and with you wherever you find yourself as that positive Chi, or energy, travels with you!

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a Feng Shui in your home for Realtors class at Keller Williams Realty Augusta office as well as having the instructor visit my home for a more personalized lesson. The takeaway was invaluable, and I can feel the change in the flow of energy in my home daily! Because of this, I wanted to share 5 quick & easy Feng Shui practices you could start in your home today!

Oil Squeaky Doors

Have a squeaky door to a bedroom, or maybe even your front door? Think hard, as  A door is the the portal through which energy from one space is translated into another. The constant squeaking of a door can negatively impact your mood and most people will become so accustomed to the sound that they don’t even notice the subtle annoyance. Oiling the hinge of the door will allow more positive energy to follow you when entering or leaving a room!

Close Doors to TV Armoire at Night

Falling asleep with a television on can be an issue in itself with the emission of blue light and possible disruptions of your REM sleep (not to mention the constant bombardment of commercial marketing when your mind is most susceptible to influence!). However, to some extent, the television never truly shuts off. The TV will always attempt to attract your attention as the dominating focal point of the room. Having an armoire or media cabinet to close the view of your television is an easy and decorative solution. If this isn’t a possibility, some other solutions would be to place the TV in a corner diagonally to help detract the attention away or to hang artwork around the TV to help pull the focus away!

Keep The Bathroom Door Closed & Toilet Lid Down

With practicing Feng Shui in your home, the idea of keeping the bathroom door closed at all times comes from the concept that energy escapes through all open portals like toilets and open windows. To help ensure a good flow of Chi throughout your house, be sure not to allow energy to escape through the bathroom!

Place A Colorful Picture Above The Toilet

As mentioned before, the toilet has a draining effect on the energy and flow of Chi in your house. To help counteract this draining process, the toilet should be as inconspicuous as possible! The most ideal bathroom design is to have a separate room with its own door for the toilet only. This is not always a possibility though, so some easier alternatives to make it more difficult for energy to find the toilet is to use a cheap decorative partition wall to block the view or use colorful and appealing artwork above the toilet to help pull attention and energy from the direction of the toilet!

Choosing The Correct Lighting & Bulbs

In the teachings of Feng Shui we learn that light is a source of energy & heat, but just like everything else requires the proper balance to avoid the disruption of energy flow. Your goal is to have equal intensity of light in all areas as it helps with the flow of energy. One of the biggest impacting factors is the selection of the correct light bulb. The right bulb should help to eliminate shadows and glares while helping to illuminate and help your eyes rest easy. There are three bulb types predominately used when practicing proper lighting:

  • LEDs: These bulbs are cooler and much more energy efficient. They are best used as spotlights or recessed lamps.
  • Halogen: These bulbs are best at providing equal distribution in a space and are most ideally used in table or floor lamps.
  • Full Spectrum: This type of lighting simulates sunlight or natural light which stimulates our body’s hormones and circadian rhythm. These lights also produce very little glare or shadow.

The best practice for lighting harmony is to remember that for larger areas use a bright light, while using a soft light in smaller areas!

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